Translating theory into practice

For the SCHOEPS ORTF-3D Outdoor Set, eight compact supercardioid CCM studio microphones are used. All microphones, as well as the windscreen itself, are elastically suspended in order to decouple vibrations. Each vertical X/Y pair is composed of one front-addressed CCM 41 and one radially-addressed CCM 41 V. This enables a space-saving parallel arrangement of the microphone housings.

The windscreen and suspension have been developed by Schoeps together with the specialist windscreen and suspension company Cinela. As with the "ORTF Surround" windscreen, elastic suspensions are also available for the ORTF-3D windscreen; fur, optional rain protection, multicore cables with breakout cables and integrated heating are standard. The windscreen is designed to be mounted by hanging. Thus longlasting outdoor installations, e.g. from the roof of a stadium, are possible.

Fig. 7: Windscreen with synthetic fur covering or rain protection, plus integrated heating, for outdoor applications.

This microphone arrangement, which was initially introduced as a prototype at the end of 2015, has already been sold or rented in considerable numbers to customers in the sports and VR sectors. Tests have been made with great success during the past two years, including several well-known sporting events. Further test recordings are available for download from the Schoeps Web site:

Further test recordings are available for download from the Schoeps Web site: 

  • 3D Audio

    The new approaches included in "3D Audio" reproduce sound from all spatial directions. This includes the Dolby Atmos and Auro3D stereophonic systems; binaural / virtual reality ("VR") systems; and soundfield synthesis approaches such as Ambisonics and wavefield synthesis systems. 3D Audio can give distinctly better spatial perceptions than 5.1. Not only is the elevation of sound sources reproduced, but noticeable improvements can also be achieved with regard to envelopment, naturalness, and accuracy of tone color. The listening area can also be greater; listeners can move more freely within the playback room without hearing the image collapse into the nearest loudspeaker.
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  • 32nd TEC Award: ORTF-3D

    32nd TEC Award: ORTF-3D

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